Name : Brutus

Flag : Lost Hero

Nickname : The Fallen Hero

Scientific Name : Carcharodon Carcharias

Length : 8 metre

Weight : 2 ton

Food : Aquatic mammals, etc.

Type : Heavy

Ability : Summon the Grim Reaper

Class : Ultra Rare

Strength : 6500

Health : 8000

Crime : Mastering the forbidden arts. ( life inprisonment )

Attacks :

G : N Gatturno Ooago

T : Tail Beat

P : Voge Ono Shinigami ( Best Attack )

Description :

Master Blue's older brother. He was banished from his family for learning the forbidden arts.

Trivia : 

  • He has the opposite motive comparing to Joker, Joker learn the forbidden arts to try to dominate the animals with   force and violence, but Brutus learn the forbidden arts to protect his family and friends.

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