Admiral Eraser

Name : Admiral Eraser

Flag : Galactical Invader

Nickname : Destroyer of Galaxies

Scientific Name : Panthera Tigris Altaica

Length : 3 metre

Weight : 300 kg

Food : Deer, wild boar, etc. ?

Type : Multi

Ability : Super Nova

Class : Ultra Rare

Strength : 9500

Health : 5500

Attacks :

G : Cosmo Driver

T : Big Bang X ( Best Attack )

P : Galaxya Axel

Description :

The leader of the Galactical Invaders. He has single - handedly destroyed many different planets.

Trivia : 

  • Admiral Eraser and Master Daedalus have the same amount of Strength.
  • Admiral Eraser is the only member of the Galactica Invaders that its rank is not is short from ( Example : Lt. )
  • He's the second Siberian Tiger as his scientific name implies. The first is Siegfried.

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